Help Celebrate the Judith Beale Scholarship

via Mike Zaidman

Judith Beale via the SFA website

Judith Beale via the SFA website

At the 2013 SFA annual meeting in Tallahassee, the Judith Beale Scholarship recipients were introduced and one of the recipients said, “I wish I would have met Judith to say thank you for this scholarship.” From that instance, Carla Summers started thinking we need to create something that allows scholarship recipients to remember who Judith was all about.

After talking with a couple of other SFA members, a committee of friends and colleagues of Judith thought it might be an interesting idea to create a video not only about Judith and her warmth towards students, but where did this scholarship idea come from? Perhaps we could create a video that will not only raise awareness, but will also raise some money for the fund to help future students. From the archives of the SFA newsletter and past Board of Directors minutes, it was determined that another member, Sam J. Boldrick donated the first funds to send one student to the SFA annual meeting in 2005.

The Scholarship committee is just starting to gather video materials and write a script. We hope to partner with one of our sponsors, Crawford Media Services to create a professional looking video. If you have any photos/materials that you would like to share as a scholarship recipient, donor or friend of Judith’s please send material to Carla Summers. If you are interested in helping fund this project or make a donation to the scholarship fund, please contact Michael Zaidman.

Further, we are trying to get in touch with Mr. Boldrick, if you have his contact information, please contact Carla.

We hope to have this video available on the SFA website to raise awareness and to give new scholarship recipients a chance to learn about Judith’s legacy.


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