Friday News Round-Up

The SFA blog is looking for content! Do you have an upcoming event, new project or research to share with your fellow Florida archivists? Send it our way! See the submission guidelines here and get writing!

From Around the State:

It’s Homecoming for a lot of schools this weekend and the Florida Memory Blog is asking if you know the hidden celebrities in these football photos

From Around the Country:

It’s the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination this month. The Dallas Municipal Archives are sharing some never seen before artifacts from the investigation.

Another Anniversary this month is the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. The Library of Congress is asking for you to recite it!

A significant decision was made regarding the Google Book Project. A step in the right direction for fair use!

From Around the World:

A partnership between the National Archives of Australia and the Archives of New Zealand is making records from World War II available online for the first time. Check out the very cool project site here too!

An interesting look at the head of Egypt’s National Archives and the challenges faced in maintaining and growing the archive.

From Around the Blogosphere:

SAA President shares her thoughts after attending the ARL Leadership Fellows Program

For Fun:

A new tumblr site, Librarian Shaming, had a funny post about archivists recently. Show of hands for those of us who’ve done this?


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