Friday News Round-Up

The internet is abuzz with tributes and archival holdings as the country marks the 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy Assassination today. However, there was lots of interesting news to share this week on top of that:

From Around the State:

Tallahassee: The Florida Memory Blog looks at memories of JFK the State Archives holds.

Tallahassee: First Lady of the State plans an historic cookbook to benefit The Mansion Foundation and will make use of recipes held at the State Archives.

Tallahassee: The Claude Pepper Library shares the assassination through the eyes of Senator Claude Pepper.

From Around the Country:

Los Angeles, California: Story of the Los Angeles Public Library’s “Shades of LA” collection, an extensive photographic collection of the city started 20 years ago.

Boston, Massachusetts: the DPLA has a new Director of Technology and is sending out the call for Community Reps!

Berkeley, California: Pop Up Archive is working to preserve radio and wants to make sure audio gets its day on the internet.

From Around the World:

London, United Kingdom: The British Newspaper Library is getting a new high tech home. The BBC did a fantastic video about the archive and the move.

Paris, France: An exhibit of Pixar’s art and animation has been making waves in Europe. An interview with the exhibit’s curator, and director of Pixar’s Archives, gives insight into the collections.

Edinburgh, United Kingdom: An archive going back to Mary, Queen of Scots, will be staying in Edinburgh after historians won a fight to keep them there.

For Fun:

Our favorite archivist funny blog, Derangement and Description, is back with an idea for an archives musical.


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