Friday News for February 21, 2014

Remember SFA nominations for office are due next Friday!

From the State:

Tallahassee, Florida: A successful photo ID event by the State Archives at the Riley House ID’d over 100 images.

From the Country:

Erin, Tennessee: A look at how a county archive is planning to use grant funding to preserve some of its at-risk history.

New York, New York: The Martha Graham Center for Contemporary Dance just received a Mellon grant to organize its archive of Graham materials.

Washington, D.C.: Fascinating look into the National Geographic Archives and the man behind it all.

From the World:

Kigali, Rwanda: Senate votes through bill that will establish a state archives and library program in Rwanda.

Sochi, Russia: Hockey has been pretty important to this Olympics though sadly, the home team is now out. Check out these pictures from the archives of past Olympic USA-Canada hockey games as the USA and Canada meet today in the men’s semi-finals. Go USA!

Blogosphere Update:

So, what exactly is the difference between a program from a concert attended in 1996 and a digital photograph taken yesterday on a family vacation? LC’s The Signal discusses our physical versus digital keepsakes.

For Fun:

If you need to kill an hour or so, search archivist problems on Tumblr, you’ll be happy you did! Here’s a personal favorite!


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