Upcoming Education Opportunity in Georgia

via Heather Oswald, Kennesaw State University

Join Richard Pearce-Moses as he discusses a “guerrilla approach” to digital archives and explores how archivists can utilize their current skill sets to begin managing electronic records.

A Guerrilla Approach to Digital Archives
March 14, 2014
Georgia Archives
Morrow, GA
10:00 am – 4:30 pm

This one day workshop will introduce archivists digital archives, explaining the basic concepts of curating and preserving electronic records in terms of traditional archival practice.  Participants will learn practical things they can do to acquire, preserve, and provide access to electronic records with limited resources and technical expertise.

Creating and sustaining a robust, trustworthy digital archives is hard work. The problems are complex, and even more perplexing as technology evolves and presents new problems.  At the same time, archivists don’t have to build an ideal system.  Instead, a “guerrilla approach” looks for short-term tactics – inexpensive, simple steps that can help archivists move in the direction of the strategic ideal.  Breaking digital archives into smaller pieces makes the problem manageable.

In this workshop, participants will discuss the core functions of digital archives and how they parallel traditional archives. Which records should be selected and acquired?  How should those records be arranged and described?  How should they be housed and preserved?  And what about access?  Participants will learn how their existing knowledge can be adapted to digital archives.

The facilitator, Richard Pearce-Moses, will lead participants through a series of questions, call for possible solutions, and suggest some of his own.

Registration is $25.

To get more information or register, please visit the SGA site!


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