Friday News for February 28, 2014

Today is the deadline for nominating yourself or your colleagues for office in SFA! Be sure to get your name to the committee!

Around the State:

Tallahassee: The Florida State University announced the launch of its new and improved digital library.

Around the Country:

Philadelphia, PA: A collection of rare Titanic related documents have been donated to the Penn Libraries.

Lincoln, NE: Using Historypin to share content online is the newest project at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

Washington, D.C.: National Park Service moves ahead with its plan to move the Mary McLeod Bethune archives despite scholar protest.

Around the World:

Kiev, Ukraine: Journalists are making sure important papers are saved in the wake of the government upheaval.

Cambridge, United Kingdom: The story of the American Air Force in Britain during World War II is about to get a digital archive from the Imperial War Museum.

Around the Blogosphere:

If you’re an SAA member, be sure to check out the interviews with nominees for office on the SNAP blog. The latest is with Dennis Meissner, candidate for vice-president/president-elect.

For Fun: 

I imagine many of you are headed for spring break, here’s a fun post to celebrate with!


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