Friday News for March 14, 2014

Happy Friday everyone! In case you missed it, SFA released the full program for our 2014 annual conference to be held in Orlando, May 7-9. Check it out here!

From Around the State:

Tallahassee: Both Florida Memory and the FSU Special Collections blog marked the passing of former Florida governor Reubin Askew this week.

Tallahassee: It’s Tallahassee weekend on C-SPAN March 15-16. Segments will highlight the city’s archives and museums. The site went live this morning so you can see the segments online now!

Washington, D. C.: Technically not Florida based but regarding Florida, the National Archives and the Clinton Presidential Library have released new documents regarding Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign and the Florida recount.

From Around the Country:

Lansing, Michigan: Documenting climate change via objects is one of the goals of a project titled “A People’s Archive of Sinking and Melting” started at Michigan State University.

Mountain View, California: A partnership between the Computer History Museum and Google will bring online one of the Museum’s most popular exhibits.

Berkeley, California: A group strives to preserve the oral history of the 1947 Partition in India and Pakistan.

From Around the World:

Jerusalem, Israel: Nine previously (and tiny!) unopened Dead Sea Scrolls have been found.

United Kingdom: A new online archive explores the anti-apartheid movement in the UK.

From the Blogosphere:

An interesting debate erupted amongst archivists online this week as SAA president Danna C. Bell asks what is the best background training for archivists – history or library science?


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