Friday News for March 21, 2014

A few SFA announcements to get us started:

From Around the State:

St. Petersburg: A new exhibit featuring Picasso will be coming to the Dali Museum in the fall.

Tallahassee: Florida’s love of fishing is explored in a new exhibit at the Museum of Florida History.

From Around the Country:

San Francisco, California: In case you wanted to know, you can find out what your first tweet was now! In honor of its eighth birthday, Twitter is sharing its archive.

Seattle, Washington: Getty Images decision to release millions of their images for use for free has had mixed reactions. This article looks at it from the photographer’s prospective.

Albany, Oregon: a new archive at Oregon State University looks to document the history of hops and brewing in Oregon.

From Around the World:

The Vatican, Vatican City: The Vatican Library has entered into an agreement to digitize and make their archives available online.

Florence, Italy: For the fashionista archivist, Gucci has opened a virtual museum in case you can’t make it to the Florence museum.

For Fun:

For the Mac lovers in the audience, this is one “archive” you don’t want to miss up on!


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