News for May 23, 2014

Hello again! We have returned from an extended hiatus because a vacation was required after the successful meeting of SFA in Orlando May 7-9! It was a wonderful conference and a great time was had by all. We’re now diligently working to migrate our website to its new home so look for announcements about that work in the coming weeks!

From the State:

Tallahassee: Florida Memory is now on the air! Check out Florida Memory Radio now!

From the Country:

Washington, D.C.: The papers of Mr. Wizard have been acquired by the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History.

San Francisco, CA: A in-depth look at one of the internet’s most interesting tools, the Wayback Machine.

New York, NY: The New York Public Library is still processing Tom Wolfe’s archives but take a look at some of the highlights they’ve found so far

Los Angeles, CA: Take a look at the USC Digital Repository and the innovative work they’re doing for preservation of our digital archives.

From the World:

Moscow, Russia: A dispute over a Jewish archive continues to cause strain to US-Russia cultural relations.

For Fun:

Music videos in unusual places and by unexpected people are all the rage right now. DC Public Librarians got in on the fun – enjoy!


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