Blog Policy

The SFA Blog and other social media sites are governed by general rules of respectful conversation. While the Society does not discriminate against any opinions, it monitors any user-generated content and reserves the right to remove content for any reason whatever, without consent.

Please be aware of and adhere to the following policies when participating in the SFA Blog and other social media sites:

  • We will remove comments that contain abusive, vulgar, offensive, threatening or harassing language, personal attacks of any kind, or offensive terms that target specific individuals or groups.
  • We will remove comments that contain personal information (your own or someone else’s), including home address, home or cell phone number, or personal email address in order to protect privacy of our users.
  • We will remove spam, comments that are clearly off-topic, that promote services or products, or involve political campaigning or lobbying.
  • When posting content, please respect laws governing copyright and fair use.
  • Be sure to obtain permission when using photographs and cite the photographer. If you cannot, please provide a source or appropriate hyperlink.
  • When using a picture of a work of art, be sure to include the artist, title, date, and credit line in the caption. Works of art made more recently than 1923 are protected by copyright.
  • Do not quote more than short excerpts of someone else’s work, and always attribute such work to the original author or source. It is best to link to others’ work, rather than reproduce it.
  • The contents of all comments are released into the public domain unless the commenter clearly states otherwise; do not submit any content that you do not wish to disseminate to the general public.
  • Please report any infractions of these policies to the SFA social media administrator.

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