SFA Award of Excellence

The Society of Florida Archivists Award of Excellence recognizes outstanding contributions to the preservation of Florida’s documentary heritage. Any person, institution, or exemplary program that has provided noteworthy leadership in the field, promoted excellence through outstanding achievements, or contributed significantly to the betterment of the profession may be considered for the award. Nominees are considered annually for this award.
Examples of areas in which significant contributions might be recognized include, but are not limited to:

  • Promotion of the identification and preservation of Florida’s archival and manuscript heritage.
  • Implementation of noteworthy management innovations, conservation, or collection development programs.
  • Encouragement of use and knowledge of archival holdings through a specific program.
  • Promotion of professional education.
  • Exemplary public programming efforts.
  • Proven leadership in professional associations at state, regional, and/or national levels.
  • Contributions to the Society in leadership or noteworthy committee work.
  • Additions to the professional literature.

Calls for nominations will be made by the Awards Chair several months prior to the Annual Meeting. If you wish to nominate a candidate for this award, please complete the required Award of Excellence Application Form.


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